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Safe anchorages in Cyclades

SYROS Eastwards the sheer coasts form appropriate anchorages for refuges. Among the safest ones there are the Varvarousa bay and the southwest beach shore of the Phinikas bay (Delagrazia). In Ermoupoli phone 28498 and in Phinikas there is a supply station for water and fuel.

ANDROS In Gavrio, Batsi, the west side of the island and in Chora. In the Korthion Bay, at the southeastern side of the island. At the northern limits of the Pirgos Bay there are two bays being formed going southwest wards protecting from north and east winds. Also, there is a supply station for water and fuel. In Chora (tel. 23707), in Gavrio (tel. 71775) and in Batsi (tel. 41018).

TINOS In the port of Tinos and the bays of Istemia. Panormos. Agios Nicolaos, Stavros, Livada and Agali. There is a supply station for water and fuel. The shores are surrounded by deep water and don't hide any dangers. Take care, though, of the strong winds in the sea of Tinos.

MYKONOS In the port of Mykonos mooring is possible between the middle and the end of the southern side of the harbour branch. In the western shores of the port there is a pier 30m long and with shallow water. The port is unaffected by north to southeast winds. However, it is affected by the west and northwest winds. All the bays near the port of Myconos can be used as mooring places. In Ornos bay there is a supply station tel. 22409. The Miso Bay in Renia Island is shelter with all the winds.

TZIA In Coressia and Vourkari, where there is a supply station for water and fuel. In Coundouro and Pisses, the bays north of Pisses until Vourkari.Fuel station tel. 21400. Suggestion of mooring place and camping: The Vroskopos bay, 1.5 naval miles north of Pisses offers one of the safest mooring places for small crafts with any kind of weather. There is a magnificent beach , many trees for camping and water.

KITHNOS In Loutra and Mericha  tel. 32269. There are supply stations for water and fuel. Also you may find ice in Loutra. Fuel station in Mericha  tel. 32269. The owner of the supply station brings the fuel to the port. The Apocreiosi or else Apocrisi bay to the east of the islet of Agios Loukas.a safe refuge for any kind of weather. The Fyciada inlet to the NE of the isthmus that unites the islet of Agios Loukas with the opposite coast has a marvellous sandy beach suitable for camping.

SERIFOS In Livadi there is a supply station for water and fuel tel. 51211. Small boats may moor safely in the northeast coast of the bay because the bay is open southwards and is vulnerable to south winds. The Koutalas bay to the SW with an amazing beach and a potential camping site.

SIFNOS In Camares, Bathys, Platys Gialos. In Camares there is a supply station for water and fuel tel. 31347, 31777. In case of malfunction, phone 31307, 31296.

KIMOLOS There is an anchorage in Psathi. The eastern coasts look interesting.

MILOS The bay of Milos is on of the best and safest mooring places of the eastern Mediterranean. In the port of Adamantas phone 22093 for supplies and fuel.

PAROS Naousa Bay (NW of the Bay the Lageri bay and in NW of this the bay S. loannis from the safest mooring places). In SE the Trio bay is safe from the NW winds and the beach of islet Trionisi. The Marmara Bay. In Despotiko island before Antiparos the Despotiko Bay the safest mooring in this area (is vulnerable only from south winds, is one from the best beach for swimming, nudism and fishing. This island has not habitants)

NAXOS Good mooring places form mainly to the south and southwest shores. To the east the Apollonas bay and to the Northeast the Panormos bay. two ideal mooring places. Also, one of the three ports of CHORA or in Alykos. In the port of Naxos a supply station works, for fuel and water tel. 24B81, 24529.

AMORGOS The Katapola and Aigiali bays as well. In Katapola there is a supply station for water and fuel. The Kalotaritisa's Bay is protected from any kind of weather in the S of Kalotiri bay in S Nikouria.

SMALL EAST. CYCLADES There are everywhere bays that may form anchorages. But they are open and vulnerable to the winds. We recommend as safest mooring place in small Cyclades the Parianos Bay in Pano Koufonisi, protected from any kind of weather and the port Mersini in Shinoussa. Information, fuel supply and mechanic damages tel.: 71175. 6 - VHF channel 66.

IOS The los bay is one of the safest anchorages of the Cyclades. The Maganari bay that opens towards the south is one of the best anchorages giving protection from northern winds and to the northeast of the Pori islet. The Milopota bay is a perfect refuge from the yearly winds. One km away from the port an EKO gas station exists for refueling.

SANTORINI The sailing round of the island is 29 nautical miles. You should anchor your boat in the island of Fira. There is a storehouse for water and fuel tel. 22231. A safe bay is the creek Kakaki of the islet Nea Kameni.

FOLEGANDROS Vigia or Casteli (north). Kyparissos, Livadi bay (west), Aspropounta and Vathy bay (southwest). Caravostasi anchorage, where the southern shores makes fine moorages as they are less penetrated by the winds.

ANAFI The only anchorage is the Agios Nicolaos creek at the southern shores.  The harbour of the island,  has a small jetty suitable for small crafts only. The various open creeks that are formed at the shores of the island can be used as a temporary refuge only, without offering complete safety against weather.

SIKINOS There is no port in Sikinos. Only a few bay where only small boats may seek refuge. The main one is the Scala or Alopronias bay. ln the narrow between Folegandros and Sikinos there are many rocky islets the most important being Caravos, Calogeros, Avolathonisi. In the island there is no fuel supply: it can be found, though, in los.

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