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Rhodes an island to explore!

By entering these pages, you will realise that the attraction of the  island of Rhodes is not due exclusively to its bright sunshine and crystal-clear sea. The visitor is also impressed by the constant variation of the landscape, the unique variety which characterises the natural environment of this place, but also by the oppurtunity which it gives to get to know the island's rich history by visits to its monuments, which date from every period. 

The city of Rhodes... ...cosmopolitan and modern, but also romantic.

To get to the centre of town, you have to pass through Mandraki with its crowded marina.  You will walk in the shade of imposing Italian Buildings and of modern Greek mansions. You will sense the history of this city through the variety of the architecture of its buildings. When you come to the northernmost point of the city and of the island, at the Aquarium, your walk can conclude with a refreshing dip from the beach which  stretches from the "Elli" to "Psaropoula", or with some shopping in the market. From the top of Monte Smith - the hill which ruins of the ancient acropolis, the Temple of Apollo and the ancient stadium - the whole city, spread all around, amid its seas and its winds, can be seen sparkling in the sun. The visitor takes it all in with the eye as far as the superb natural park of Rodini, an ideal spot for recreation and the modern sports centre at Karakonero, on the opposite shore. On the other side, the panoramic view of the Gulf of Ixia brings a sense of peace and calm. When night comes with its own enchanting colours and the mood has changed, there is something for everyone: the host of places of entertainment, each with its own style, promise evenings to remember.

The medieval town of Rhodes... ...monument of world cultural heritage.

In the medieval town of Rhodes, the city of the Knights of the Order of St. John, you feel that time has stopped in another age. The Street of the Knights climbs to the Palace of the Grand Master,  strikingly dominant. You follow the paved alleys, under gateways and colonnades, through squares and obscure courtyards, next to impregnable walls and Byzantine churches. You feel that you are living in the troubled past of this place, but at the same time you discover that this city, still inhabited, with its lively commercial activity, the Archaeological Museum, the Art Gallery, the Museum of Folk Art and its night life, is very much alive in the present. This fascinating combination of yesterday and today charms visitors and brings home to them the uniqueness of the largest living medieval town in Europe.

Ixia, Ialysos... ...with the cooling sea breeze for company.

The open arms of the Bay of Ialysos make an ideal holiday resort. The hospitality here is as pleasing as the breeze from the open sea which reaches the balconies of the modern hotels, with  their guarantee of high-quality holidays. The sea is a challenge to water sports fanatics and an ivitation to those who simply want to relax in the enjoyment of its refreshing coolness. Not far from the sea is the Municipality of Ialysos, where accommodation can be found in small family hotels with full  facilities. The verdant hill of virtualrimos, with the remains of the ancient Acropolis of Ialysos and the Monastery of Our Lady, dominates the area and is ideal for pleasant walks, a place where you can enjoy a panoramic view and the magnificent colours of the sunset. And when the sun stops scattering its warmth, the possibilities for entertainment along the seafront avenue are unlimited.

North-West Rhodes... ...from the coast to the magic of inland Rhodes.

There are many surprises awaiting the visitor to this part of Rhodes. As you drop down towards the south, in the Kalamonas area you can visit  the Valley of The Butterflies, the unique habitat of the butterfly Panaxia Quadripunctaria. Among the ruins of Ancient Kamiros you can listen to the sounds of the troubled, but glorious, past of the island. Changing mood, you can enjoy fresh fish and shellfish in one of the little tavernas at Skala Kamirou, or try traditional appetisers at Embona, a large village famed for the quality of its wine, in the shadow of Attavyros, the island's highest mountain.  From there, following an enchanting route through a dense pine wood, you reach Profitis Ilias, with all embracing views out to sea. It is also well worth visiting the folklore museums in the villages of Apollona and Kritinia and calling in at Aghios Isidoros and Sianna, villages well known for the souma drink and their herbs.

Faliraki, Reni... ...unlimited choices by the sea.

If we leave the city of Rhodes by the main road to Faliraki, we come to the village of Koskinou, which wins you with the picturesque colourfulness of its folk architecture.  Going down to the sea, we come to the medicinal baths of Kallithea, which were functioning during the time of Italian Rule. The buildings, the sea and the palm trees make up a scene from the cinema. A visit to this attractive spot can be combined with a relaxing swim, or even  with diving lessons. If we continue south, we come to Faliraki, one of the most popular holiday resorts on the island, on the very water's edge and bathed in sunlight. On its vast  golden beach you can give yourself up to the enjoyment of the blue waters and the caress of the hot sun, The pleasures of the place are not continued to the morning hours: the night life at Faliraki offers a great variety of choices - the pleasure of a good meal in one of the many little tavernas along the beach, the exciting rhythms of the bars and discos, the serenity of a walk by night beside the unruffled sea.

Afandou, Kolymbia, Archangelos... ...the peace of boundless seashores.

The climb to the Monastery of Our Lady Tsambika may be tiring, but from up there the view of the beauty of this part of the island will take your breath away: to the north  of the faint outline of the vast beach of Afandou can just be made out, with its golf course nearby. The village of Afandou, with its low white houses, has kept its own individual character and its residents their natural spontaneity. Further south Kolymbia can be seen, with its own golden sand and blue-green waters. The little town nearby, glittering in the sun, is Arhangelos. Further inland, the green hills of the Seven Springs stand out - a place of peace and coolness, where visitors discover, in the shade of its imposing plane trees, to the music of its flowing water, another side of the unspoilt natural beauty of Rhodes.

Lindos... ...traditional island architecture.

Lindos, a powerful maritime city in antiquity, is  considered today, together with the neighbouring Kalathos, Vlicha, Pefki, Pylona and Lardos, one of the most attractive resorts of the island, a happy mariage of the beauties of nature with its cultural heritage. Its houses, perched on the hillsides, stand out in dazzling white against the blue background of sky and sea. A walk among its narrow paved streets reveals the austere beauty of the traditional island architecture and winding alleys bring you  imperceptibly to the ancient acropolis, witness to the troubled history of this place. From this high vantage point, the sea spreads out before you to the grey line of the horizon. The seashore round about, golden in the light of the sun, completes the magic of the landscape. And when the sun sinks into the waters of the Aegean, nights of enchantment await you.

Southern Rhodes... ...the Rhodian nature: serene and unspoilt.

Under the same blue of the sky of Rhodes, but different, untouched still, with its own atmosphere, the southern part of the island lies in wait for visitors, to delight them with its own special charms. In its hospitable small villages the people know how to enjoy life with simplicity and verve  and how to keep alive their age-old traditions. This region of Rhodes has retained its beauty untouched: low green mountains and shady woods make up pictures which calm the senses. Deserted chapels, monasteries and medieval castles, like those of Asklipios and Monolithos perched on their imposing rock, add another  dimension to the landscape. And in the end there is always the sea:little hidden and deserted coves alternate with boundless stretches of golden beach, from Kiotari to Gennadi and from  Lachania to the southernmost tip of the island - Prasonisi, a veritable paradise for windsurfing.

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